Increase your bone density with algae


Calcium supplements seem to be getting a bad reputation lately. Increased risk of bone spurs, hardening of the arteries and kidney stones have all been associated with common calcium supplements. The key word there is common. Unfortunately, it seems that most common calcium supplements are usually sourced from rocks like limestone.

We all know that we need calcium for bone health, but we also need it for many other reasons like healthy muscle and nerve function, brain health and even blood pressure regulation. The dilemma is how to get it in a usable form. My answer to that is plants – specifically algae. Certain types of algae contain significant amounts of naturally occurring calcium.

Most of us will find that our bone density decreases by around one percent each year after the age of 40. One impressive study with more than 200 female participants found that after only six months of supplementing with an algae-based calcium supplement in conjunction with a strontium supplement their average bone density increased by two percent. The reason this study impresses me is that supplementing with traditional forms of calcium only slows the rate of bone density loss but does nothing to increase it. Think about that for a second. Most calcium supplements only slow the loss of bone density, but studies have shown algae-based calcium to actually increase bone density.


A high-quality algae-based calcium supplement will also contain magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin K2, which are all necessary for calcium absorption. If you have been reading my column, you are probably used to me saying this by now, but a quality algae-based calcium supplement is probably easier found on the aisles of your local health food store than in a mass-market retail chain.

H/T: Herald Dispatch

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