Boost your Energy with Algae, Plus a Green Smoothie Recipe


As days are getting shorter and Floridians receive less serotonin-boosting sunlight that usual. I hear many clients comment on their energy levels being lower than usual. I find that during the fall and winter seasons people feel more lethargic and as a result experience sugar and caffeine cravings.

One of my favorite ways to boost energy and fight fatigue is algae supplements. There are three types of algaes that I like – Spirulina, Chlorella and Blue-Green Algae. The main difference is in taste and personally I am team Chlorella as it has the mildest taste.

Algae is known as the oldest type of food on our planet and it contains large amounts of nutrients including:

  • Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, E, and K
  • Major and trace minerals
  • Essential fatty acids
  • Chlorophyll
  • Phytonutrients
  • Enzymes
  • Antioxidants
  • Polysaccharides
  • Essential amino acids

Algae can:

  • Build and purify blood
  • Help boost the immune system and promote healthy eyesight, hair and skin
  • Boost energy due to its incredibly high nutrient concentration
  • Provide anti-aging effects on skin, hair and organs
  • Stimulate stem cell release and movement, helping to regenerate damaged body tissue.
  • Help provide a more complete sleep
  • Reduce food cravings

Algae is very absorbable to the body. Around 97% of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes found in blue-green algae are easily absorbed into the system. Most vitamin supplements are only 5-25% absorbable.

The only don’t with the algae, is don’t overdo it. Too much of a good thing can be too much and we urge you experiment with it in moderation. Start with a half-teaspoon (or 2 tablets) of one kind and see how you feel. You can take it alone, blend with a smoothie or mix with coconut water.

If you have any medical issues, please check with your doctor before starting a new food/supplement as it can alter existing conditions. Algae can be a very powerful detoxifier, so please listen to your body and reduce the dose if you feel you detox symptoms are too strong.

Here is a simple green smoothie recipe to get you started:



1 Frozen Ripe Banana

1 Cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

½ Cup Frozen Strawberries

½ Teaspoon Chlorella

½ Cup Fresh Spinach

½ Cup Water

Ice (optional)

Blend to a creamy consistency and enjoy!



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