NatureBuilt 45% Chlorella 45% Spirulina 10% CGF Tablets


NatureBuilt 45% Chlorella 45% Spirulina 10%  Tablets 250g (250mg – 1000 tablets)

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NatureBuilt 45% Chlorella 45% Spirulina 10% CGF Tablets 250g (250mg – 1000 Tablets) Chlorella is a green algae that contains the highest amount of Protein, Chlorophyll and Nucleic Acids (RNA/DNA) of any Food. It also Contains vitamins, minerals and lots of natural dietary fiber which encourages better digestion and helps remove toxins fromt he body. The Chlorella uses a Pressure-Release method to open the cell wall. As the Chlorella cells pass through the specially designed Pressure-Release® chamber they rupture, or crack open, due to the sudden and dramatic change from a low to high pressure environment. Spirulina is a blue-green algae that also provides us with a broad array of nutrients, including antioxidants such as Phycocyanin and SOD. Spirulina is a high energy food that is excellent for excercising. Both are complete foods with a natural balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Here they are combined with Chlorella Extract or Chlorella Growth Factor, which is high in Nucleic Acids (RNA/DNA), Amino Acids, Heavy metal-binding portiens, glycoprotein (immune builders), the vitamin B-complex, polypeptides, polysaccharides, phytohormones, natural growth factors, anti-fungal, anti-viral & antibacterial substances. Product of Taiwan. Maintenance Dosage: 12 – 20 tablets/day Protein Substitute: 40 – 60 tablets/day

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