NatureBuilt 95% Spirulina 5% Tongkat Ali Tablets


NatureBuilt 95% Spirulina 5% Tongkat Ali Tablets 250g

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NatureBuilt 95% Spirulina 5% Tongkat Ali 250g (250mg Р1000 Tablets) Spirulina is a blue-green algae. One of the strongest nutraceuticals available, it is a powerful antioxidant and an extremely high energy foos. Tongkat Ali is the root of the Eurycoma longifolia tree. It has been consumed in Malaysia for hundreds of years as an aphodisiac and to increase libido. Tongkat Ali has been shown to boost both DHEA and testerone levels. It builds muscle strength and mass. Our Tongkat Ali is standardized with 50% glycoproteins and 35% glycospaneins, which are the active ingredients found in Tongkat Ali. It is 100:1 concentrate that is completely natural, safe and non-toxic. The advantage of combining a concentrated herb such as Tongkat Ali with a complete food such as Spirulina is that the protein allows the body to absorb and utilize the herb much more safely and effectively. Product of Taiwan. Maintenance Dose: 12-20 tablets/day  Protein Substitute: 40-60 tablets/day

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